About Us

About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Company Profile


Established in 2010, our company is professional footwear manufacturer. Our company is located in Quanzhou city, Fujian province.  From here we provide R&D, Production, Logistics, Purchasing and Order Support activities. We have professional salesman team to provide full and sublimated service, enabling you to create any design you wish and produce any shoes you want.
Manufacturing Capacity: 2.5-3 million pairs shoes per year
Annual turnover: more than $20 million and keeps rising steadily
No. of Production Lines: 3
Main Markets:  North America, Europe, South America, Japan
Main Products: sports shoes, casual shoes, outdoor shoes and boots.
Key Customers: Skechers, Diadora, Gola,Kappa, etc. 

Why Choose Us

We make shoes that our customers desire. We know the market, follow developments closely and are able to respond to new trends rapidly. 

Every shoe starts out on the drawing board of designers. The design and relevant sample are then presented. Production commences once all details meet the customer’s requirements. Many customers have already had their own labels produced this way. Would you like to follow in their footsteps?


Our Shoes Are Made For Your Profit

By joining forces with us, you have a partner that can help you achieve high returns from shoe sales. For example, companies in the fashion industry who did not yet have shoes in their ranges, but who recognised an opportunity. They approached us for advice and information to gain an insight into the options, allowing them to step into this new world of shoes well prepared. In our experience – in many cases, those first cautious steps have developed into long-term business relationships based on mutual trust, experience and flexibility .

Having 10 Years Experience In Shoes Trading And Manufacture.

We have been producing and exporting shoes since2010. Since then, millions of pairs have found their way to men, women and children all over the world. We make shoes in any style, colour and design that our customers desire. Our products are environmental friendly and can comply REACH, CISIA and other tests customers request.